Black Creek Fiddlers’ Reunion is an annual festival devoted to Old-Time music, held over Memorial Day Weekend at the Altamont Fairgrounds (near Albany, NY USA).

There are no stage performances, no spectators. We come to Black Creek to PLAY music – specifically Old-Time music rooted in Appalachian traditions. (You may occasionally hear related traditions – a Cajun jam or a mountain gospel sing; you won’t hear generic folk or bluegrass style music.) It’s a “Fiddlers’ Reunion,” but Creekers bring all the acoustic string-band instruments – fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass, guitar, mountain dulcimer, plus a few extras.

You’ll find scattered around the grounds small, informal jams – eight folks pulled into a tight circle under an easy-up; a banjo player & a fiddler trading tunes under a shade tree; the all-day jam in the Welcome Tent; & dozens more.
Some of us are just a bit beyond beginner on our instrument or new to Old-Time style, and some of us are expert multi-instrumentalists. Everyone is welcome.

You can stop by for the day but most of us camp out Friday-Saturday-Sunday in tents or small trailers. There are several fair buildings open for jamming in case of rain.

Extras at the festival include short skills workshops, special jams & an all-camp potluck for Saturday dinner. Additional traditions held some years (though not for 2022) are a square dance & a Sunday morning Sing.

Special thanks for helping to make Black Creek Fiddlers’ Reunion 2021 a success:
Ann Downey, Ed Farrell, Lane Braden, Ron Whitford, Susan Farber, Terri Lukačko, Jennifer Wilkin, Nancy Crowther, Tim Gage, Jane Rothfield, Allan Carr, Ruth Rappaport, Kate Poole, Kiirja Paananen, Sue Farrell, Ben Wetherbee, Alan Kaufman, Jerry Dallal, Paul Kirk, Vernon Imrich, Michael Roguska, Craig Edwards, John Reddick, Maeve Soars, Dave Neiman, Mark Sustic, Tim Rowell, and all of the many behind-the-scenes Zoomers

Check it out: 2021 Virtual Black Creek Jamulus Jamming 

We set up a Jamulus Central Server for the 2021 festival. It is a private space with servers running in NYC and Montreal with several “rooms” available for playing.  We wanted something similar to the Altamont Fairground with jam sessions scattered around different campsites. Special thanks to Harry Sweet and Aaron Bittel for their Jamulus skills.

Jamulus is a free application for playing together with other folks, live, at the same time, hearing everybody all at once, over the internet. Impossible!, you say? Well, give it a try and see for yourself!

Recorded in live time on a Jamulus session with 2 players in eastern NY and 1 in central Connecticut and 1 in Massachusetts